What is the National Preschool Quality Standards?

The National Preschool Quality Standards (NPQS) is an ongoing initiative by the Ministry of Education Malaysia for all preschools taking in children 4-6 years old. It aims to standardise and streamline the quality of preschools and preschool curriculum across Malaysia. This initiative started in 2011 and is currently entering implementation on a nationwide scale.

How does this impact me as a parent?

The five major areas in preschool education that the NPQS seeks to transform will affect the academic performance and wellbeing of your children.


Better transparency - Pre-schools are required to document philosophy, vision and mission, governance, management and administration processes as well as infrastructure and facilities. This helps parents make better decisions when choosing preschools.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Teachers and teaching assistants must now have the necessary qualifications and experience when applying at preschools. This prevents divergence from the curriculum and ensures your children’s safety when in a class.


Emphasis on conducive learning environments, comfortable teacher-child interaction, teaching and learning activities and class timetables that adhere to a National Curriculum. Children will be taught with a standard curriculum that ensures balanced academic development for all.


Parents or guardians are encouraged to be involved in classroom activities and assessment of preschool education, giving better understanding on the system and a chance for feedback to make improvements.

Health and Nutrition Safety

Food preparation and handling by trained staff, according to strict health and safety procedures ensures children receive proper nutrition and food that’s prepared in safe and sanitary conditions.